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Tento nezávislý server mapuje kulturní, sportovní a společenský život v České republice, členské zemi UNESCO.

Association of Tourist Information Centres of the Czech Republic

(hereinafter A. T. I. C. ČR only) is an independent organization of a guild type (by hand) protecting the interest of its members for the purpose of ensuring the activity of information centres in the field of tourism in the territo of the czech Republic.
It is independent of the state bodies and municipalities, political parties and movements, entrepreneurial subjects and other governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions.
The aim of the activity of A. T. I. C. ČR is to ensure the interests of its members on the basis of the approved programme and aims.
In the interest of the common interest of the members A. T. I. C. ČR can associate and can be a member of international organizations.
A regular member can become a juridical or phyhical person registered in the territory of the Czech Republic, operating or representing (by hand) a tourist information centre (hereinafter the TIC only) which fulfils the minimum standard of services and conditions of activity of A.T.I.C. ČR has 151 members.


Luděk Šorm, ředitel
V Perníkové chaloupce 38
533 52 Ráby u Pardubic
Česko (CZ)
tel: (+420) 466 612 474
(+420) 602 413 134 - ředitel
fax: (+420) 466 612 474
5. května 18/1325
140 00 Praha 4
Tel./fax: 00420 241 403 638
Tourist Information Centres:
about region, tourist possibilities, local cultural events, sport and leiseure time activities
Exhange, guided tours, accommodation services, copying
For sale:
Maps and postcards, information brochures, souvenirs

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07.06.2002 v 17:03Vitalijus

Hello from Vilnius, Lithuania.
Who can knows where to be the underground ice rivers near Brno as this district refers to?
Please send answer to mail januli@takas.lt

05.12.2001 v 12:15Bolle

We are a big company in Germany who has an own online-booking-system with about 550 000 Hotels worldwide.
All tourist-offices can use this system in internet and get 7,5 % provision for each booking.
Also internet portals can integrate this booking system and will get about 4 % provision for each booking.
With best wishes to all tourist information centers in the Czech Republic!
tourisline AG,Paul Bolle,Tel.:0049-3831-3676657,
e-mail: pbolle@tourisline.de

04.10.2001 v 11:31Emko

Dear collegues!
We represent Tourism Agency "EMKO" Minsk, Belarus.
Can you send us the adress of the tourism centre because in November we are going to visit Chech Republic and we would like to know more aboutyour country (tourism centres, cities, etc.) and we would like to deal with them.

Many thanks in advance.

Bogdanov Oleg

P.S. Our e-mail: emko@tut.by

06.09.2001 v 16:58kerel mijok

hello ijm marrek h

DALŠÍ INFORMACE: Asociace turistických informačních center (A.T.I.C. ČR)


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